Job Shadowing

Developing Teaching Methodologies through Job Shadowing

One of the most rewarding ways of enriching professional development is by shadowing a colleague in another school in another country. The experience challenges our established views of best practice at the same time as adding to our portfolio of classroom strategies.

The focus of this programme is on shadowing an experienced teacher, discovering new methodologies, improving teaching knowledge, developing language awareness skills, developing new ways to teach, exploring educational materials.


  • Receive observational guidelines to make the most of the shadowing experience
  • Observation of teaching in a UK classroom context.
  • Discussion with teaching professionals to gain deeper educational insights.
  • A structured, evidenced-based reflective approach to self-evaluation.
  • End of job shadowing evaluation to reinforce learning.

Target Audience

Teachers at primary, secondary or vocational level with a minimum of B1 level of English.
Vocational-level subjects include: Art & Design, Business, Catering & Hospitality, Hairdressing and Beauty, Health, Care & Early Years, IT & Computing, Motor Vehicle Maintenance, and Travel & Tourism.

1 week


Aim 1: To shadow an experienced teacher, consider elements of lesson planning and explore ways of adapting resources.

Aim 2: To observe lessons in a UK school or college and analyse teaching in terms of the participant’s own teaching context

Aim 3: To develop subject teaching methodology knowledge and skills through class observation and exploration of classroom materials and teaching options.

Aim 4: To improve learning and pedagogic practice through self-reflection and professional guidance and feedback as part of Continual Professional Development (CPD).

Aim 5: To enhance intercultural awareness through sharing teaching experiences in a comparable educational setting.

Observation Framework

Delingua can provide a range of observational frameworks which can support visiting teachers in making the most of their shadowing experience. These include guidelines for

Classroom observation; lesson observation;

School management; school organisation;

School routines; rules and policies;

School languages; extra-curricular programmes and

Parental contributions.

Reflection Session

At the end of the visit shadowing teachers are invited to attend a reflection session with Delingua staff. This allows time for the teacher both to finalise the portfolio of information from the visit ready for feedback to colleagues and other stakeholders and to raise any last-minute queries.

The trainers involved have gained a strong international experience in the field of teaching pedagogy and methodology including CLIL for all ages.

Delingua can offer a supported package of job shadowing including:

  • The cost of accommodation
  • Finding a suitable shadow colleague
  • Supplying an observation framework
  • Providing a reflection session
  • Offering local support throughout the visit

Target audience:
Primary, secondary and vocational teachers
Programme Provider: Delingua Training   (Erasmus+ PIC No. 935042074)
Location: In and around Cheltenham, United Kingdom
Key competencies: Teaching methodology; learning to learn; intercultural awareness
Certification on completion:  Yes

Click here to download the job shadowing application form.

For further information and to apply, please contact Carol Stephens


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